Basic Maintenance

The Real Basics

Maintaining the car. The first things you should check and service when you get a car.
Applies to all RB26 powered GT-Rs.

  1. Oil - 7.5W-30 recommended in Japan. A good 10-30W synthetic is a good start for a street car. Oil & Filter change. We use Redline 15/50w or 10/30w full synthetic. Oil Filter - OEM 15208-60U00, Fram PH3682, OEM(R34) 15208-9E000
  2. Fuel - 91 PON in California, 92-94 elsewhere. Always use the highest octane pump gas available.
  3. Air filter. Make sure that it is in good condition and not too dirty. The classic test with a pleated paper type filter for the stock airbox is holding it up to a light, and judging how well you can see through it. You might want to be more selective on a GT-R- remember, an engine is basically an air pump. You don't want to restrict its ability to take in air.
    • If you are using the stock airbox, you can use a K&N # 33-2031-1. OEM 16546–V0100 or 16546-V0100, Fram CA4309 Fits R32, R33, R34.
    • If you are using foam element "mushroom" type filters - you want to either change the elements right away, or get rid of them. The foam eventually breaks down, and gets sucked into the turbos.
    • If you have cone air filters or an aftermarket airbox, be your own guide on the condition of the filters. Not rocket science.
  4. Spark plugs - NGK PFR6A-11 stock. PFR7A-11 are one heat range cooler. You may want to tighten the plug gap up if you are going to up the boost. Stock gaps on these plugs are 1.1mm which is pretty wide for a spark plug. NGK Iridiums work well. They are expensive but they work well. Several people have had a problem with the Denso iridium plugs breaking the ceramic around the electrode. This applies to repackaged HKS Denso's as well.
  5. Fuel filter - Same as a 1996 Infiniti J30. Purolator F44663. Its a good idea to change it when you get the car.
  6. Transmission fluid - GL4 75-90. Redline Shockproof Heavy works well in the R32 and R33 5-speed transmissions to mitigate weak syncromesh and 3rd gear issues. Don't fill it through the gearshift lever inside the car. That's the transfer case.
  7. Front Differential - GL5 85-90
  8. Rear Differential - LSD GL5 80-90
  9. Transfer case - Nissan Automatic Fluid Type D
  10. ATTESA system - Nissan Automatic Fluid Type D

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